Saturday, May 2, 2009

A wonderful Saturday!!

Today was a great day for me! It was our Ladies Banquet at Church! The speaker was Mrs. Beth Gilliam and she did great! She spoke on the acorn and the process it goes through. She related it back to our everyday life for example, when the squirrel "buries" us, we are not supposed to hate it but, rather thank God for the mountains we go through because it only makes us stronger!! She was wonderful and my heart was fed in her teachings! The fellowship hall was decorated wonderfully in the theme of Handbags! The food was excellent and the men did great serving! I am truly blessed to attend a church such as Calvary. God meets with us in every service and it thrills my heart!

I heard Nikki mention the Blossom Street Series books by Debbie Macomber the other day, so I decided to check one out! Let me tell you, these books are great! I am reading "Twenty Wishes"! I am on chapter 6 and I am addicted to it! You should read it!

Preacher Carr is doing a series in Sunday School on Proverbs! I am excited to learn more about the things that Proverbs has for me! It'll be great! If you dont have a Sunday School class, I invite you to join us! We have a great time in the Lord!

Have a great Sunday in the House of the Lord tomorrow!!