Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Entry

Today has been a great day a work, so I decided to start a blog and ramble on my day!! It wasn't too busy, so I was able to make some jewelry (my weakness)! I have discovered a new design in jewelry and have been making alot of it. I will post pictures of them later! Even though I had a good day, we still had a bunch of "barkers" at the shop. But that doesn't matter because I am blessed by the Lord to have a good job. Today my Aunt went into work and the "big wills" of her office came by and told her that she was being placed on permanent layoff. She was upset, so please pray for her as she begins a totally different daily routine.

When I got home, Phil had been to the Broyhill outlet and got us a bookcase for our computer room. I was so excited! We have so much junk laying around and the case will help to clean up our room. It'll be great!

Well, I am just beginning, so bear with me as I begin the Blogger life!!