Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No "Luck" for me; I am Blessed

With today being St. Patricks Day, I was thinking on how everybody goes around saying that they are lucky. Whether they expeirence a close call accident, find something that was lost, or whatever, luck had nothing to do with it. It is the marvelous grace of our Lord that did all those things for them and nothing else. I know that I never expeirence luck and dont want to because the Lord's Blessings are sufficient for me!! So, no St. Patricks Day celebrating for me!

I have been blessed with so many things from the Lord!! I am alot like Phil and relate alot of things to songs. The Lord has been my "Hero" now for almost 4 years and I am so thankful he chose me on August 5, 2005 at Zacks Fork Baptist Church! So, my song that deals with the blessings that I have and the "Hero" that I've found in my Lord is called "My Hero". Here it is: Sometimes I stop to ponder on just how many times I woud just have wondered if he had not been my guide. He's been so merciful, so many times. I wish that I could tell you how thankful I am inside. He's been my hero. My guiding light. He's been the one who helped me through those lonely nights. He's been my refuge in the middle of my storm. Yes He's the one I do adore. This song has become my favorite. I"ll post the rest later.

Right now I am posting on my new laptop that I just got. It is a PINK Dell Inspiron MINI. I was so surprised today when the Fed Ex man dropped off 2 packages at the grooming shop for me. Phil had ordered this computer for me. I love him so much!! Just another one of my Blessings!!

Going to go eat now. Have a great night!!